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How do I Fix Windows File Explorer high CPU usage Error in Windows 10/11?

Many Windows 11 and 10 PC users have been facing a slow PC or laptop experience just because of the high CPU usage by Windows File Explorer. This problem elevates more when you are working, gaming, or performing any other task on your PC that requires more CPU usage.

The background CPU usage still gets high when you close the Windows explorer application. This problem bothers most PC users with giving a low-speed device experience. Multiple reasons cause this error problem. We will let you know what those are and also how to fix them. Our Microsoft customer service is available at +1-410-896-8780 toll-free number. Our well-experienced experts will help you by providing solutions to fix Windows issues.

Why is Windows File Explorer Taking too High CPU Usage?

Here are some possible causes when your Window Explorer consumes high CPU power usage:

  • Shortcut Files With No Icons It is one of the most common problems when some files and shortcuts exist on your PC without any icon. This also consumes more CPU usage and does not let you work on it more fluently. 
  • Fast Access Needs Higher CPU Power Consumption – The quick access to Microsoft explorer files is also a reason that requires more system resources. It directly takes the RAM and high CPU usage of your Windows 11 and 10 system PC.
  • Using A Previous Windows version – Working with an outdated Windows version also requires a high amount of consumption of your CPU. It is one of the common causes that makes your PC slow. There are chances that you still did not update or installed the latest Windows.
  • Corrupted Files – Some corrupted files in your Window file explorer also consume high CPU and memory resources. These malicious files can causes more harm to your Windows PC just like this slowing down your PC performance.
  • Uses Of 3rd-Party Applications – Most third-party apps are also responsible for high CPU and memory usage. Multiple applications affect the Windows File Explorer, which results in showing more CPU power consumption.
  • Paging file Option Disable – When the paging file option is disabled on your File Explorer and your windows can not manage the file on its own, that is where the problem starts. This reason also requires a high amount of CPU power usage.

How to Fix Windows File Explorer High CPU usage Error in Windows 11 & 10?

To fix this high CPU usage issue with Window Explorer you have to reach us through our technical customer support call or live chat option. Here below are more reasons and ways to clear this error from your PC with our service:

Clean Shortcut Files & Icons Without Image

The most common reason when your Window Explorer takes high usage of your CPU is that you may have some shortcut files or icons with no image.

You have to search for them and delete these files or icons. For this, you should contact our technical customer service and our experts will assist you in removing these files or icons. 

Block the Quick Access Permission

By simply disabling the fast access to Windows file explorer you can minimize the consumption of the CPU. This can get done through the settings of your Windows PC. You have to just contact our customer support service through the toll-free number, live chat, or email methods for getting the all guidelines to solve this high CPU usage Windows 11 and 10 error.

Update Windows

Another option to fix your PC’s slow performance because of overuse of the CPU is just to check out your Windows update. To download and install windows on your PC you must have to follow some essential guidelines carefully. At that moment with the help of our service, you can get all of the steps that let you successfully install the Windows operating system’s latest version. 

Make Your PC Free From Corrupted Files

It is another effective way that can fix Windows File Explorer to remove corrupted files from your PC. These corrupted files in your Window Explorer are one of the factors that exceed the power utilization of the CPU.

In such conditions, handing over your laptop or PC to any technician may not be safe. That makes your data and personal information more vulnerable to getting into someone other’s reach. At that moment you have to contact our technical service via number, email, or live chat option and get to know how to clear corrupted files through our straight guidelines. With our service, you can fix your Window Explorer high CPU usage power issue.

Disable Show All Folder & One Drive Cloud Storage

If your Windows File Explorer still consuming a high CPU power usage, then you must try to disable the show all folder option. Another way to counter this issue is One Drive cloud storage it takes a big amount of CPU resources for backing up files and folders. 

In these conditions, you have to contact our customer support service. Our expert will let you know how to disable One Cloud storage and show all folder options. 

Clean Up Disk

Some temporary files created by windows 11 and 10 are also the cause that shows Explorer’s high CPU and memory usage. These files make your operating system slow by more power utilization of system resources.

To fix this issue you have to clean up the disk of your laptop or PC. It requires some steps to perform and our services are available through our contact number, email, and live chat.

Reset the File Explorer or Enable the Paging File on Explorer

You can also reduce the power utilization of the CPU caused by Windows File Explorer just by resetting this application and enabling its paging file setting. You can do this from the setting manually by just going through some instructions. For this, you have to contact our service for getting a solution that can reset explorer or enable the paging file option. 

Start the Antivirus Scan 

If your PC or laptop still shows high CPU usage on your Windows 11 and 10, then one of the reasons could be caused by malware or virus attacks. It also consumes a big amount of GPU and CPU bandwidth for all tasks. 

You need to perform an antivirus scan for resolving this trouble that will eliminate all malware or antivirus from your operating system. In such conditions, you need to have a quality antivirus program. Through our customer service number or live chat, you can contact our experts who will suggest to you the best antivirus solution and steps to running an antivirus scan. 

Boot Your Window

It is quite a worthful way to fix your high CPU and memory usage error caused by Explorer. This trouble happens because of some interference from some third-party application. With rebooting you can simply get rid of all these unsafe applications that make your Windows 11 and 10 PC slow. You have to contact us through live chat, toll-free number, or email platform for getting detailed steps to reboot your Windows operating system. 

Use a New Windows Account or Shift Your Files

If none of the above-mentioned solutions work, then you must try creating a new Windows user account. Another option is to move your files from one account to another, these solutions can fix windows explorer’s high CPU power usage issue. 

For doing this you have to go through a process that will help you to get done with shifting and creating a new Windows user account. Our customer service is available, here you will get the guidelines for this problem solution. 


We have described multiple reasons that cause in consuming high CPU usage by Windows File Explorer. Our listed common solution also helps you in fixing this trouble manually. Our technical customer service is a time & money-saving option by which you can get the relevant and effective solution for your every technical issue. You have to just contact our service through our toll-free number +1-410-896-8780 or live chat and email platforms.

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