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How to Install VPN on Netgear Router?

A VPN on Netgear router can let you access multiple benefits such as unblocking restricted websites, contents, and secure internet service. You have to enable a VPN service on your router. The only problem is how to install VPN on Netgear router.

Our router customer support service can help you with how to install VPN on your Netgear router and how to pick a quality VPN for your router. Various ways and troubleshooting can let you change your server by connecting your router with a VPN. Our technical experts are available at the toll-free number +1-410-896-8780 to provide quality service. By reciting solutions with which you can improve internet connection speed.

How To Choose the Best VPN For Routers?

To install VPN on Netgear router successfully, you must first be familiar with the qualities that should be in a VPN. There are multiple options of quality paid and free router VPN, in case the inbuilt Netgear VPN does not work on some of its models. Here is some eligibility that makes a VPN suitable for your router:

  • A VPN must be compatible with almost every type of router.
  • A large number of virtual fast servers let the user access most of the internet content.
  • Equipped with solid security and privacy protocols that can protect your laptop or PC performance and personal details from getting leaked.
  • It must be easy to use with a money-back guarantee and live chat support option. 

How Do I Install VPN on Netgear Router?

Since most of Netgear’s routers have an inbuilt VPN option, let’s check how to setup VPN on them. Netgear allows its users to activate a VPN on itself, which let them access their home network from another location. 

Here are the descriptive methods that will help you in setting up a VPN on every model of Netgear router:

Activate VPN Feature in Netgear Router

Through browser check in the, proceeds with your router’s default username and password which is Admin and password. You can change it afterward, and go from Advanced to “Advanced setup”, then “VPN service”. This will show you the “enable service” option and apply this new setting. 

To get more obvious instructed guidelines to enable VPN service on your router, you should contact our technical support. Our professional experts will lead you to complete this task so that you can install VPN on Netgear router. 

Download & Install OpenVPN Configuration files

The next step is to download the OpenVPN configuration files and choose the compatible file according to the Windows operating system you are using. Thereafter, by following the screen instructions you can install it on your device which will be shown on your desktop.

You need to get assisted by an expert who can suggest to you the accurate steps of downloading or installing this Netgear free router VPN. Our support service will guide you with remote instructions to complete your VPN setup on your Netgear router.

Complete Setup Settings

From Go to windows to download a configuration file afterward unzip and paste them into the folder where OpenVPN is installed. It will require lots of steps and then you should rename your local network to Netgear VPN. To “control panel” to network and sharing center, and then change the adaptor settings. Check the local area connection with the device name TAP-Windows and change it with the Netgear VPN that you set earlier.

It is an overall intricate and time-consuming step that let you install VPN on Netgear router. With correct and relevant steps, our experts can help you get the VPN setup on your router.

What Are The Best VPN For Routers?

Amongst the infinite options of VPN, NordVPN and ExpressVPN are the top VPN for Netgear routers.

The essential thing is your router needs to have DD-WRT or Tomato firmware which makes it compatible for almost every other paid and free VPN. After that, you should follow the steps to get complete the configuration manually on NordVPN’s official website. You can also simply purchase configured NordVPN for the Netgear router. These VPNs offer large numbers of fast and secure servers across the globe to unlock most of the restricted content.

To fulfill the compatibility requirements like replacing firmware or NordVPN configuration, manually, our remote support service is the best solution. Our team of experts can let you complete all of these tasks including how to install VPN on Netgear router by delivering accurate guidelines at an affordable amount.

What Are the Best Free Router VPN?

Netgear’s router in-built VPN is the very first free option but it is not much effective in unblocking most of the contents. Other free VPNs are ProtonVPN and Surfshark for your Netgear router.

ProtonVPN has the option to connect your router for free and Surfshark and CyberGhost offer the money-back choice that makes it almost free for at least a month. The only problem is that most free router VPN options lack security and privacy features. This makes your device and personal details vulnerable to some security threats. The best solution is you must go for a paid VPN and install VPN on Netgear router.

Our technical support experts are reliable and available solutions, who will suggest the best VPN for your router. It also includes some instructions that will guide you on 

the correct way to set it up on your router and use them.


So we have done with discussing how to install and best VPN for routers of Netgear, Some other free router VPNs are also mentioned. For getting detailed solutions you should contact our remote router support service. Our team of well-experienced experts is available at the toll-free number +1-410-896-8780 for leading you manually set up the inbuilt VPN of Netgear. Our team will help you to upgrade router firmware, choose the best VPN for the Netgear router, and also install VPN on Netgear router by providing the required steps.

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