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iPhone Overheating Fix- How To Cool Down Your iPhone?

At some point, most iPhone users are getting into trouble with its overheating issue. There are a couple of causes that create this problem, but some instant iPhone overheating fix can sort this issue. Generally, It derives from some hardware errors or causes of some software glitches from installed applications on your phone. 

Here we will introduce you to more reasons and possible solutions for this iPhone overheating. The recommended answers and guidelines of our customer service will surely cool down your iPhone. Our Apple customer care experts can assist you in solving every general iPhone issue via our toll-free number +1-410-896-8780, email, or live chat option. Let’s first go through more reasons which are responsible for your iPhone’s overheating.

Why is My iPhone Overheating?

We have mentioned some most common conditions in which your iPhone gets overheated:

  • Battery Issue – Mostly a faulty battery makes your iPhone overheat, it may be caused by fast battery drainage or gets heated during its charging. You can also diagnose battery issues straight from its settings and take steps for iPhone overheating fixes.
  • Streaming, Gaming, & Automatic Download – Automatic downloading, streaming especially online and gaming are the activities that cause you to exceed the heating of your iPhone. 
  • Not Updated Apps & iPhone’s IOS – Updates of applications and operating system of iPhones make sure to improve your overall performance of phones. Using an outdated IOS or application on your iPhone can overload its hardware which results in overheating. 
  • Background Apps Processing – iPhone overheats because multiple app processing is running which triggers your iPhone’s temperature high.
  • Through Settings – Your iPhone gets heated up because of some network, brightness, or any other settings that are not in favor of using your iPhone’s more resources.
  • Gets Into Direct Sunlight – Your iPhone overheats whenever it comes into the sunlight for a while. It drastically increases its temperature which makes it hard for you to use your iPhone.

How to Cool Down Your iPhone – iPhone Overheating Fix?

Check these following solutions which can relieve your issue of iPhone overheating:

Instant steps

A high temperature can harm your iPhone in such conditions you have to unplug it from the charger or any other hot source like sunlight, these can cause more problems for your iPhone. Removing its case which will make the airflow better is also helpful to normalize its temperature. Fanning your iPhone and turning on its Airplane mode is also an effective way to cool it down.

Our technical service will let you know what you should do and avoid getting your iPhone temperature down.

Update iPhone’s Installed Applications

If you are using many outdated apps on your iPhone, then it will not fit well with its updated IOS. This increases the usage of your iPhone’s resources which causes overheating of it.

Update all applications is the solution for getting iPhone overheating fix. Through our customer service number, live chat, or email option, you can get the essential guidelines to update all of the apps on your iPhone.

Change Background App Refresh Setting

Background app refresh lets them process in the background with the server when not in use. This background processing of apps consumes more iPhone resources than overheats the iPhone.

You have to disable this background app refresh settings and our customer service will help you get this done by providing detailed instructions. This may resolve your iPhone overheating issue.

Update iPhone’s IOS

Using an outdated iPhone’s operating system does not go well with its functionalities, modules, and apps. It is the common cause that leads to overheating of your iPhone.

Just updating your iPhone OS can fix the overheating problem. 

To update your iPhone’s IOS you have to follow some basic steps and our team of technical customer service is available for delivering the instruction. Through our contact details, you can get detailed instructions for this iPhone overheating fix.

Turn Off & Remove All Bluetooth Devices

When your Bluetooth is trying to sync with any unavailable Bluetooth device and can’t get this. It results in overloading your iPhone’s module, which turns into an overheating issue. You have to simply turn off the Bluetooth quickly and forget all of the Bluetooth devices of the iPhone.

To remove and forget all Bluetooth devices you have to go through its settings. Our technical services are available at a toll-free number or email, here you will get the guidelines from our experts who can help you to use this iPhone overheating fix.

Optimize Settings

High brightness is a thing that consumes your battery fast which leads to iPhone’s overheating. Live wallpaper also requires high power background usage because of its high-resolution images. You can simply remove live wallpaper from your iPhone which can help in cooling down its temperature. 

You have to go through a process on your iPhone and our technical service is the solution for providing guidelines for settling these settings via our contact number, email, or live chat option.

Turn Off Automatic Podcast Download Setting

When your iPhone is accessible to download the podcast automatically, it makes it obvious that more usage of your iPhone will cause overheating trouble. You have to simply disable the automatic download setting of your iPhone. 

To disable this setting you have to contact our remote customer service, which will let you know how to turn off this which will work as an iPhone overheating fix.

Block Emergency Call, SOS service, & Tile Location On iPhone

Emergency calls, SOS system service, and tile location services on your iPhone use a good amount of its processor in the background and make your iPhone overheat. You should disable these services through settings.

In that condition, you have to contact our customer support service through our given contact details. Our team will assist you to disable these conditions that will cool your iPhone.

Change Network Settings Of Your iPhone

Your iPhone may get overheated because its network settings are set in such conditions that tend to consume more iPhone resources. You have to rest them which will remove all of the network connections like wi-fi, Bluetooth devices, and other cellular data settings.

To reset the network settings you have to contact our service for getting detailed instructions. Our customer service will guide you by providing instructions on how to reset network settings that can cool your iPhone. 

Reset All Settings Of iPhone To Default 

iPhone is overheating because of settings that are customized to keep your iPhone’s processor working hard. By resetting the settings to default you can get done with iPhone overheating fix.

You have to follow a process that will help you to rest these settings. All you have to do is just contact our customer service through the toll-free number, live chat, or email address. We will lead you with guidelines that can reset settings and cool your iPhone.

Reset iPhone To Factory Default

Overheating also happens because of its operating system which uses more processing energy. To deal with it you have to factory reset and set up your iPhone as new. 

You have to simply contact our customer service, our team of experts will help you with guidelines for resetting your iPhone that will cool it down. 


Here we have delivered various options for iPhone overheating fixes that can help you to cool down your iPhone. Our professional experts will assist you through the problem-fixing process with a reliable solution. For getting detailed instructions on the iPhone overheating issue, you have to call our technical service at +1-410-896-8780. Our team will deliver you the easiest solutions through guidelines that will surely cool your iPhone.

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